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Online estate agents: The pros and cons

What are they good at?

Online companies offer flat fees for packages that include an advert, professional photos and managed listings, 12 months of marketing, a floorplan, valuation, online and telephone assistance, and a floorplan. The property will be listed on the most popular property websites such as Rightmove and FindaProperty.

Why should you choose Petty Residential

Burnley estate agents are a member of the RICS and are one of Lancashire’s most reliable independent agents located in Burnley and Colne. Petty Real is there to assist you through all stages of the process. Petty Real is an expert in commercial and residential rental and sales of properties and also has on-site Legal, Financial, and Home Improvements consultants.

What is the cost of this?

As they are not regulated, there is no one set fee for estate agents. However, most online fees hover around the PS300 mark.

For example, eMoov costs PS395, while My Online Estate Agent costs PS325. You can also choose to pay less upfront and more upon completion. However, this is generally more expensive.

There’s also, which charges even less – PS79 including VAT for its tenant-finding services per property. You can also get energy performance certificates, gas safety certifications, rent collection, and a rent guarantee.

Selecting an agent

It’s more affordable to use an online estate agent for cost, but not everyone will choose this route.

It can be difficult to find the right one because there are so many. It is important to ensure that the company has adequate stock levels. This will indicate that other people have placed their trust in them. Also, make sure the company is a member of both the Property Ombudsman Scheme or the National Association of Estate Agents.

For a guideline, read Complaints at record high about estate agents if you have to lodge a complaint.

What high-street agents think

The move online is not popular with high street agents.

Jonathan Hudson, Hudsons Property’s Managing Director, said that online estate agents are lacking in personal service. They lack the ability to show properties and point out unique selling points.

He explained that high-street agents are likely to have a better understanding of the local market than they do.

Is the end of the high-street estate agent?

Online and high-street agents can do the exact same thing, but at significantly different prices.

While some people may be more interested in going online, others might prefer to shop on the high street.

Tracy Kellett, spokesperson at BDI Home Finders, says that when choosing the right one for you, there are two things most people want: as little hassle and as high a price.

She believes that an estate agent is crucial in the house-selling process. DIYing to save money on the fee will almost always result in a lower price, a longer process, and major headaches.

Although online estate agents are becoming more popular, it is unlikely that they will replace the high-street agent.

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