Tree Care Tips: Why you need a tree surgeon

Trees are a beloved part of nature. However, most people don’t know how to properly care for them. Trees are majestic and sturdy, so even though they may be infected with parasites, insects, or any other type of disease, they still look great. Are you searching for an experienced tree surgeon near me? Real Home Improvements employs highly competent tree surgeons from Burnley. Our certified arborists are able to tackle any kind of foliage.

Why should you call a professional?

A professional tree service company is the best way to ensure your trees are healthy, able to withstand strong winds, grow back, and remain firmly rooted in their ground. It can be difficult to identify the things that could damage a tree or any other type of plant. Regular tree health checks are the best way to ensure that nothing is missing.

Trees are healthy and can be detected for health issues

No matter how good your trees are, a regular check-up should be done more than once per year. If you notice something not right, or if there is a problem, it’s important to call an arborist who is experienced in tree surgery, immediately. They will assess the situation and recommend the best course. As with people, the sooner a tree is diagnosed, the better chance it will be saved.

Removing and planting trees

If you are looking to plant trees in your yard, a trained arborist will be able to assist you. They will advise you about the soil, how to care for it, and which species are able to thrive in your climate.

Professional tree surgeons can also assess if a tree cannot be saved due to the spread of disease. However, there may be other reasons a tree needs to be cut, such as for safety or construction. Tree care companies have the necessary training to remove trees. If you need tree removal, they can help.

Impact Assessment

An arborist should conduct an arboricultural assessment prior to any construction project. This assessment will help you to plan how to minimize the risk and protect your project and the tree. Even small projects can have a negative impact on trees. Heavy machinery and soil disturbances can also cause damage to the tree.

Roots are the most important issue in construction and their impact on trees. The tree will not be able to stay healthy if more than 40% of its root system is damaged. It may take several years for damage to the root system to manifest.


Arborists are professionals who have been trained to evaluate the health and care for trees, cut or trim them, maintain power lines and keep them away from power lines. Although it may seem easy to trim trees, it can be difficult and even dangerous for those who are not trained.

Public Safety

Safety is another reason to call an Arborist. Strong winds and storms are two other reasons trees can fall. However, trees can still fall if their root system is damaged by storms, construction, disease, or if they are too shallow or have not been stabilized. This can cause property damage and more serious accidents. Tree surgeons can help with such issues. They can help you assess the risks and advise you on what you can do to avoid them.

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