What Is A Quantum Board LED Grow Light?

When you have spent some time on developing forums within the last couple of years, you have definitely encounter lots of articles like this.

Individuals jump on trends and also get fairly obsessed. And a few things are as cool from the growing neighborhood because Best Quantum Board LED Grow Lights.

But what are they exactly?

And perhaps more importantly, are they as good as they say?

And if they are, which brand is best?

We will handle those questions and much more. From the time you reach the bottom of the page, you’ll understand all you want to understand about quantum planks, and you’re going to understand whether they are ideal for you and what one(s) you ought to have.

What Is A Quantum Board?

The expression”quantum plank” was introduced with Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG for short), a comparatively new provider of LED grow lights. It called a brand new fashion of lighting where a high number of little LED diodes are affixed to a horizontal board.

The diodes are arranged in rows which are conducted in parallel configurations with a high-powered continuous current driver. There continue to be many distinct boards accessible from several manufacturers, with varying configurations.

The principal plank HLG is presently using is your QB288 V2. It sports 288 Samsung LM301H LEDs, that are a few of the very effective LEDs available on the marketplace. Two variations of the plank replace 16 of this Samsung diodes with heavy reddish Osram diodes, or together with blue diodes.

Advantages Of Quantum Board LED Grow Lights

So what’s the big deal with these things?

They seem fairly fundamental and not anywhere near as well-made since most conventional LED grow lights. Are they any better?

Generally speaking, yes. Quantum boards possess a umber of benefits over routine LED grow lights. Actually, we constantly advocate both quantum LEDs or even COBs for anybody wanting to enter growing inside.


Quantum plank provide you more output when consuming fewer frequencies. The HLG 550 V2 Rspec, by way of instance, produces 168 lumen per watt or 2.6 umol each joule.

Light Spread

Since the light emanates from several points over a massive board, it’s a more direct route towards the canopy onto the exterior the policy area compared to the usual light that arrives from a more compact fixture and must emanate additional external.

This also leads to less intensity at the center of the policy area and much more intensity round the exterior. Put simply a more light spread.


The Samsung diodes (along with the less costly options many manufacturers utilize ) emit a complete spectrum white light which includes every visible wavelength of light. They can be found in a lot of different colour temperatures, however, are close to normal sunlight. This makes it a superb spectrum for crops.

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