Best wallpapers for university classrooms

Classrooms are the heart of universities when talking about education and teaching students. So sprucing it using branded wallpapers can add more inspiration for the students and educators.

Commercial wallpaper proffers a whole new look without less commitment and you will have the opportunity to change it every now and then. Meaning you could easily shift season designs for the rooms because of its stick and peel technology, which is easier to install and remove.

Furthermore, nurturing classrooms should offer an environment allowing them to thrive and grow more as an individual. So it is always a better idea and the university’s responsibility to give more and uplift their student’s spirit and present a relaxing ambiance while learning.

Interior designs are now much needed and to be considered by school owners. This is good for the school’s reputation and this is a tool to start making a statement and give a more appealing vibe.

With lots of options you can take, commercial wallpapers are the best fit for these kinds of places as they also offer durability that evidently saves time and money.

In this article, we wish to provide excellent ideas on what type of commercial wallpaper you could use in dressing up or reinventing university classrooms with the help of the best wallpaper companies in the market.

University Wallcovering by Style

A place like universities is a space that needs a unique and own statement that will fit the campus’s personality. It can be modern or go traditional but sleek using grasscloth wallpapers or even go vinyl style. We have listed some commercial wall covering types that you can choose from with great value and textures that could level up classroom walls.

Vinyl Wallcoverings for University Classrooms

A corporate look with a sophisticated character is a comprehensive mix for a university classroom. It can give a certain clean look to university classrooms.

Black vinyl wallpaper is a good example that could set this mood. You could also check this Koroseal vinyl wallcovering that Mahones offer as one of trendy and quality wallpaper these days.

School owners have to pick something that will make comfortable space not only for their students but teachers and instructors in every way to make it calmer to grasp new learnings in each day.

It has this dazzling look that brings out a classy and warm cozy vibe in each room. You could also pick different shades and designs that carry a deluxe feel. 

Murals Wall Covering for University Classrooms

Make your school take its pride using unique and inviting Murals designs from trusted commercial wallpaper brands. These wallcoverings promise and could deliver a top-notch style that will make your guest and students go crazy about it.

Like the one in the image above, you can bring a scenic wallpaper mural to the classroom to brighten the space and give a calming effect as a forest.

Also, a joy to provide a memorable experience for students every time they take a look at the amazing scenery that you will create for them using wallpapers for their classroom. They can also give them a sense of pride and excitement. 

Grasscloth Wall Covering for University Classroom 

Grasscloth wall covering is known for its elegance and clean finish for walls. If you use it in your school’s classroom walls, it will add depth and warmth to its ambiance and make it more peaceful to students and teachers eager to learn and impart new knowledge.

You could also play with them and create panellings depending on the outcome you would want to have for the room. Grasscloth wallpaper tends to give a simple but striking look even if it’s a high traffic place like classrooms. It ensures a high-quality standard that will last long.

You can check grasscloth wallpaper and see how it could transform every room in your university and give inspiration to all the people who will use it every day.

Wood Wallcovering for University Classrooms

Wood-inspired wallcoverings are also one of the freshest trends you could apply for a university classroom interior. These wallpapers give a touch of home and an earth-friendly vibe that offers a light and bright environment.

One of the best wallpaper brands you can have to get good wood effect walls is Koroseal wood wallcovering. They are dependable for quality and sturdiness that will contribute to a well-maintained look for classrooms. They are also easy to clean and washable wall covering that is also practical for a high traffic room like university classrooms.

Geometric Design Wallcovering for University Classrooms

If you are looking for an appealing and eye-catching design for your walls, particularly for university classrooms, you would think of seizing geometric or architectural wallcovering designs.

This kind of wall covering could produce a quick transformation and create an exceptional atmosphere that can be cozy and marvelous design for educational purposes. You could go lighter or darker shade, but you just need to make sure that it will still give a bright and relaxing finish to the eye.

Moreover, this kind of design brings a futuristic theme or minimalist style for each room, we think that it is a perfect fit for math and architectural classes to emphasize its purpose.


It is truly inspiring to create an academic environment for students while not giving up styles and trends that can also lift the university pride. This is all possible with the help of the best wallpapers in the market brought to by the best wallpaper companies.

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