Ultimate Guide to The Best Weed Killer – How to Kill Your Weeds & Not Your Lawn

Are weeds preventing you from enjoying your yard?  When it comes to combatting weeds, most people turn first to their local lawn & garden store. But walking down the isles, you’ll quickly realize there are many options for weed killers. Each claims to clean up your yard but which one is right for your grass and for the specific weeds causing you problems?

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the options for the best weed killer. A weed-free, healthy lawn is attainable for any do-it-yourselfer. This ultimate guide to the best weed killers will put you on a path toward a full yard of grass….not weeds.

Types of Weed Killers

Not all herbicides work the same. This section details the differences between the different types so you can make a better decision as to what works for you. If you just want to quickly find out which herbicides work best for the type of grass you have, keep scrolling.

Liquid Weed Killer

Liquid weed killers are mixed with water and applied to the lawn with various forms of spray equipment. Liquid herbicides are more effective at penetrating the plant structure as they are sprayed directly onto the plant and do not require the surrounding area to be wet at the time of application. Liquid weed killers can be applied using a variety of sprayers that fit the size of the area that needs to be treated. Smaller areas can be treated with a handheld pump sprayer, while larger areas may require a backpack or vehicle-mounted sprayer. Some users may find it more difficult to mix and spray liquid herbicides as spray equipment is needed.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions while mixing the concentrated liquid weed killer with water is crucial to ensure that you kill the weeds and do not damage your lawn or garden in the process. Diluting the mixture may render the herbicide useless, and concentrating it may burn or shock surrounding plants. Also, you will want to be mindful of overspray into neighboring areas while applying liquid herbicides as a mist of chemical can be carried by even the lightest of winds.

Granular Weed Killer

Granular weed killers are herbicide coated pellets that are spread throughout a lawn to kill a variety of weeds while not harming the grass. Granular herbicides are often applied with a handheld or push spreader allowing for more precise application rates and areas. It may be easier to cover large areas of land with granular products than liquid applications. Granular weed killers are often found in “weed and feed” products that are popular pre-emergent products and generally do not require any mixing or measuring prior to application. Many granular weed killers call for the lawn to be damp before application to allow for the granules to attach to the leaves of the weeds and apply the herbicide to the plant structure. Many users apply a granular weed killer in the morning while the lawn is wet with dew or after a rainstorm to eliminate having to water prior to application.

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