Ronseal Garden paint: How to Use

Our Ronseal Garden Paint can make your garden look different. There are 24 colours to choose from, and they will all look great on metal, brick, terracotta, and wood.

Preparation Ronseal Garden Paint

Let’s begin with wood. Before you paint your garden furniture, make sure to give it a quick sanding and then wipe it down with wipe essence.

Use a stiff brush to remove dirt from your fence or shed when you are painting it

Use white spirit to clean metal and a primer for metal. This will ensure that your paint lasts longer and a better finish.

Brick, terracotta and stone: Use a stiff brush to remove dust and loose material. Give it a good rub.

You’re now ready to go!

Application Ronseal Garden Paint

Before you begin, make sure to give it a stir. To make sure that you are satisfied with the color, test it out in a secret area.

You will need to paint onto wood in the direction of the grain. If you want to paint a smooth surface, you should apply three coats.

Between each coat, allow 4 hours.

Ronseal Garden paint gives your outdoor space a long-lasting colour, waterproof surfaces that protect them from the elements, and it is waterproof within an hour.

These are our top garden ideas, depending on which color palette you prefer.

Country Ronseal Garden Paint

Your garden will look country with greens, blues, and creams. Elderflower on wood, Cool Breeze for metal, and Sapling Green are great examples.

Urban living

Modern gardens should use dark greys mixed with bright colours such as Daisy on brick, Blackbird, Sun Dial, Terracotta, Lime Zest, and Sun Dial.

Traditional style

Deep, rich colours are best and classic styles such as Bramble on stone, Beetroot in wood, or Midnight Blue brick.

Colour splash

This is a great way of using up paint leftovers. You can try Purple Berry on Terracotta, Pink Jasmine and Summer Sky on wood or Slate on wooden.

Corner for children

These bright, vibrant colours will give your children a place to play.

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