Smart Electrician: Tech is a Good Choice

Smart devices, smart homes and smart offices are all part of our smart world. Smart Electrician Tech is coming soon. What does this mean for the electric industry? There are more opportunities for electricians.

Recently, we covered the emerging Smart Electrician Tech trends that could lead to more electrician jobs. We’ll be looking at the role of electricians in this growing market, and how they can take advantage of it now before it becomes even more lucrative.

1. Smart Electrician Home Market Growing

There are now more opportunities for residential work with high-tech systems today than ever before. Frost & Sullivan found that 66% homeowners prefer a professional to install their smart-home systems. This isn’t limited to replacing a smart thermostat. Certified electricians are being hired by homeowners to install smart lighting systems and smart security devices. They also provide backup power storage systems.

2. Retrofit Applications

New constructions include smart lighting, which includes basic smart features such as time clock control, occupancy sensing and remote access. What about retrofitting?

Integration of wireless features in existing homes and buildings is an economical way to start.

These features include daylight harvesting sensors, remote lighting, and occupancy sensors. They are not only about efficiency but also integrate with other Smart Electrician Technologies within a building’s automation system. Contractors are giving end users and building managers more control over their lighting and energy management by installing smarter lighting systems.

3. Smart Electrician Tech on the Commercial Market

High-tech installations tend to be contracted for commercial markets. According to Klein Tools’ survey, 35% of electricians have performed Smart Electrician Tech Installations, and 79% have noticed an increase in smart offices in their local area.

Why is there a growing demand to integrate more complex systems into new construction or retrofits? Simply put, building managers desire flexibility and convenience while occupants seek a more productive and mood-enhancing environment.

The best part? Contractors can offer improved features such as dimmability, without the need to run dimming wires.

4. Future is Smart. It’s Full 5G and it’s Coming Soon

5G will bring many benefits, but its impact on Smart Electrician Technologies and smart cities is what will be most significant.

5. Attracting a younger generation

Although the skilled labor shortage is a problem, it’s not new to the industry. This could be changing with the advancements in Smart Electrician Technology.

Apprentices and younger electricians are entering the field because they desire a secure career that integrates technology and offers the possibility for growth. These digital natives are used to technology being at their fingertips and expect to be able to use it.

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