Apprentice Electrician Jobs: Description

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Apprentice Electrician Jobs Summary

  • Apprentice Electrician Duties and Responsibilities
  • Follow the instructions of a journeyman electrician.
  • Clean and prepare work areas
  • Transport and delivery of materials
  • Maintain, repair and install various electrical wiring systems.
  • To conduct conduit work, you will need to use measuring equipment and other hand tools
  • Safety codes and building regulations must be followed
  • Qualifications and requirements for apprentice electricians
  • High school diploma/GED certificate
  • Preferential completion of an electrician training program
  • Use electronic test equipment to diagnose problems
  • Understanding the NEC electrical codes
  • Willingness to learn about electrical schematics and blueprint reading skills

Education, Training, and Certification

Although this Apprentice Electrician Jobs does not require a college education it does require extensive training and licensing. Apprentice electricians must have at least 18 years of age.

Education: You will Need a High School Diploma or GED

Apprenticeship: The apprenticeship program for electricians lasts between four and five years. It includes at least 576 hours of classroom instruction, and 8,000 hours on-the job training.

Licenses: Electricians are required to be licensed by most states and municipalities. An exam must be passed to test knowledge of electrical theory, the National Electrical Code and local electrical and building codes.

Electrician Skills & Competencies

Apprentice electrician jobs require many skills, talents, and abilities.

Manual dexterity is essential for electricians. They must be able to use their manual dexterity and have eye-hand coordination.

Color vision: They need to be able identify wires using color. Normal color vision is crucial.

A good sense of balance and physical fitness are important: They might be constantly on their feet and lift objects up to 50 pounds.

Analytical and troubleshooting skills: They must decide which device is best for testing various problems, and then find the best solution.

Ability to work in a team: Many electricians work with teams that have limited supervision. Work Environment

Sometimes, electricians may work outdoors in inclement weather or indoors in commercial and residential buildings.

Being an electrician can be dangerous and uncomfortable. The work environment for electricians is cramped and they spend much of their time standing or kneeling. Electricians are susceptible to minor injuries like burns, shocks and falls. It is therefore important that they always wear protective clothing and equipment.

Work Schedule Apprentice Electrician Jobs

Electricians work full-time, may work overtime, and can sometimes work evenings or weekends. In order to grow their business, self-employed electricians may choose to work longer hours.

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