How to make a Soil “Garden Sieve”

It is simple to make your own compost and leaf mould, and you will be able to save money on trips to the tip. A good quality compost bin and garden sieve are essential.

Soil sieves (or riddles), are used to remove large chunks of soil, leaf mould, and compost. This leaves you with fine material that can be used for sowing seeds such as salad leaves or sunflowers.

Your soil sieve should be slightly larger than your wheelbarrow to allow you to quickly move through a pile. You can personalise it by painting it with a colour of your choosing.

To make your own soil sieve, follow these five simple steps. We also have a list of the top garden sieves currently on sale.

Garden Sieve Step 1 

Take measurements of your wheelbarrow so that your sieve can fit comfortably on the top.

Step 2

You can cut the timber into eight pieces, and then attach them together to create two equal-sized rectangles. Use sandpaper to smoothen any edges. You can cut the wire mesh to the exact same size as the frame using pliers.

Step 3

To preserve the wood and give it colour, paint it with wood stain. Then let it dry.

Step 4

Place the timber frame’s lower half on a flat surface. Then, place the mesh over it.

Step 5

Attach the upper and lower sections of the frame together. Sandwich the mesh between them.

Best Garden Sieve

Here’s our selection of the top sieves, from budget-friendly steel models to high-end rotary models.

Bulldog Premier Garden Sieve

Bulldog, a Wigan-based company, made this sieve with a diameter 37cm. It also has a mesh size of 9mm. It is entirely made of metal with a pressed steel edge.

Spear and Jackson Steel Frame Riddle

This Spear and Jackson sieve is made from chrome-plated stainless steel. The base plate is 33cm in diameter and has holes measuring 1cm by 3cm.

Clarke Rotary Soil Sieve

This rotary garden sieve has a spring-loaded handle that applies pressure to soil or compost, pushing it through the mesh to remove any debris. It is made of steel and has a 40cm diameter.

Wilko Metal Riddle

Wilko’s garden sieve for metal is one of our most affordable options. It is made from metal and has a 36.5cm diameter.

Crocus 2-in-1 Garden Sieve

This garden sieve is made in the UK and comes with two screens that can be used interchangeably (6mm and/12mm mesh). Each screen is made of galvanised woven wire.

Galvanised Soil Sieve

Crocus’s galvanised steel garden sieve has a diameter of 30 cm and is finished in clear lacquer. To aid in gripping, it has two handles either side.

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