Best “garden rake” 2021

What should you look out for when shopping for the best garden rake? Are they all the same or do different models tackle different tasks? We’ve done the research and compiled a list of our top seven picks.

These models will do the job. We’ve chosen models with a range of prices so that you can spend as much or as little as you want.

You might also want to read our buying guide at bottom of the page to determine which style is best for you and what features are important before making a purchase.

Scroll down to find out the top garden rakes. For expert advice and the top picks, our best lawn mower buying guide will help you find the right product for your needs.



Multi-tasking garden rake that does everything: clean your lawn, edges and collect leaves with ease

The clever, modular design of this rake makes leaf-clearing in large gardens faster and easier.

Multifunctional Garden Rake

This study rake is cleverly designed to provide you with three tools in one modular rake. Begin by removing any leaves from the main 76cm (30-inch) rake. Next, use the narrower shrubrake to remove leaves from the borders of your plants. Finally, grab the raked piles with the handy 28cm (11/inch) detachable grabpers.

Light work Garden Rake

This garden rake is extremely lightweight thanks to its tubular aluminum handle. This allows you to continue leaf tidying much longer than with a heavy wooden-handled rake.

Great value

This model is a great way to save money on buying separate leaf grabbers and shrub rakes. You will also be able to store it more easily. However, you will need to adjust the rake every time you use it for another task. This can be tedious.


The best handheld rake for small tasks such as weeding or clearing flowerbeds

This handheld model is small in size, easy to use and can reach tight places that larger models cannot.

Compact design

You don’t need a bigger rake if you have one and are looking for something that can be used for more specific tasks. The rake’s compact size and lightweight will be a great tool for pottering around the garden.

Storage friendly

It’s much easier to store because it’s so small. You can hang the handle on a hook or peg by the smart leather loop at its end.

It is simple to use

This Wolverine-like tool acts as an extension of your hands and can be used to clear out beds or prepare soil for new planting.

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