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The Plumber’s Answer to Above-Floor Plumbing

The Installation

Despite Hurricane Sandy having struck 2012, the installation was not possible until this summer due to various insurance protocols. Renovations, raising the house, and other issues. The process was smooth and quick once it was started.

Wachtler was called to install the Wallington Plumbing, and the toilet after the framing had been completed. The plumbing was placed so that the lavatory and toilet could both send effluent into the macerator. Inadvertently washed objects down the drain will be instantly ground up and pumped back to the drain line. This installation was simple and straightforward. The toilet was provided by Wallington Plumbing Supply in Wayne, New Jersey. It was mounted at a comfortable 17 inches above the ground in the powder room, which measures 5×8 feet.

A job well done

The whole process took less than two hours to complete by the plumber, he said. The installation took less time than it would have taken for concrete to be ripped out and a system of sewage ejection installed.

Wachtler charges approximately $3,000 to install a macerating bathroom. This includes materials and labor. Drilling through concrete would have apprentice electrician jobs been around $4,500. The homeowner was able to save around $1,500 by opting for an above-floor plumbing system. He also avoided the mess and higher risks associated with traditional plumbing.

Wachtler explains that the system is very simple to set up. “Any plumber with any mechanical aptitude — so hopefully most — will not have any problems getting the job done.”

The homeowner is extremely happy with the wall-mounted macerating bathroom and powder room since installation. Wachtler said that he absolutely loves it. Wachtler was referred by some of the homeowner’s building clients after completing the job.

Wachtler has been installing Wallington Plumbing systems above the floor for over a decade. “Abovefloor systems are truly innovative,” he stated. “They have made it as simple, if not more, to install plumbing below the drain line than any other application.”

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