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Ways To Improve Your Home Outbuildings And Storage

How many of us have a garage but never put the car in it?  Or have a garden shed that has a few tools in that are rarely ever used?  There are loads of cases where we have outbuildings that we don’t use in the smartest ways.  So why not look at ways to improve your home’s outbuildings and storage or add space to your house?

Adding a garage to the property

You may be surprised how little room you need to add a stylish garage so if you don’t have any outbuildings, this may be the first step.  When you look to build an oak framed garage, for example, you can get a kit that perfectly works for the space you have – one bay, two bay or even three bay with various design configurations.  This means not only do you get somewhere to store the car, but you can create additional storage space.

Adding a garage can also help increase the resell value of the home if you are considering selling at home point.  A basic garage can add 5-10% to the value of the home and if you use a design that is stylish and attractive as well as functional, this can help your home stand out compared to others in the street.

Converting the garage

Lots of houses already have a garage but are you using that space to its maximum potential?  In many cases, it is somewhere to put the car and store a few tools.  But with modern car security, there’s often not as much need to garage it as in times past.  It is often perfectly safe on the driveway.

So that leaves you with a reasonably sized room that can be converted into something more useful.  The simplest option is to turn it into storage and make it a designated space for everything from the kid’s old toys to the washing machine and chest freezer.

You can also convert garages into habitable spaces.  This will cost more but also increase the potential value of the house more too.  Depending on the style of garage and whether it is integrated or not, there’s a lot you can do with it.  Much of it can be done without planning permission too, under the Permitted Development rights.

Add a garden room

Another option to add more usable space outdoors is to have a garden room added.  This is a cross between a shed and an extension but is usually free-standing and away from the house – at the bottom of the garden is a popular option.

Garden rooms are ideal for people who want to have a hobby space, a home office or simply a quiet spot away from the busy areas of the house.  You can have them made with double glazed windows, electric connections and even CCTV systems for security!  This makes them a tiny house in their own right and ideal for almost any purpose.

Optimise the shed

The days of the shed being a mouse-filled, spider-infested horror can be behind you and you can easily transform the shed into a useful space that is ideal for all kinds of storage.  In fact, some people are even transforming a good-sized shed into a space in a similar way to a garden room where you can work in it.

The renovation of the shed has also led to trends like the ‘man cave’ and the ‘she shed’ where people make their sheds into fun spaces and even install home bars.  You do want to make sure that you can secure the shed so any valuables inside are safe and protected.

If your current shed isn’t up to the job, there are lots of options for adding a new one.  Think about what you want from the new shed – from home office to extra storage – and choose a design and style of shed that works for this.

Making the most of outbuildings

Making the most of your outbuildings or the space in the garden can be a great benefit and also can help increase the value of your home.  Think about the potential increase in value if you are doing work with a view to selling or otherwise, go with what you know you will use.

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