UpPlant is Australia’s best online place to sell plants

It’s easy to sell plants online. It’s easy to sell plants online. It’s really simple…

The hard part is actually getting your listing or ad seen by the right person, when they are actually looking for it.

How many posts are added daily to UpPlant? Yes, I do! But it is more than that.

The point is that if you are selling plants online, your ad must be easy to find by someone searching for it.

Make money selling plants online

UpPlant is Australia’s first online marketplace for plants. Register now to get your Starter Plant Store and begin listing your products in minutes. You can even get payments upfront and secure!

Consider these things when buying plants online

Save the seller’s post – Screenshot, Bookmark or whatever else you need to do in order to save the original sales posting. Why? It serves as proof of value in the event that an item arrives damaged or not as described.

Check the description and acknowledge the terms of sale. Determine how the plant(s), bare-root/ semi bare/ inside its pot/ leaves removed or intact, will be shipped. You have the option to pick up or add shipping. Most sellers won’t take responsibility for the plants once they are handed over to the postal carrier. Read on to find out if you should consider Extra Cover/Insurance.

Take care to inspect the photos. Transit can be stressful for plants so choose healthy specimens. To view the following checklist (all may not be applicable): Leaves and roots, Nodes/Growth point, New Growth/signs of life. Red Flags: Signs of damage: fungal/pest/yellowing/rot, no viable nodes. Ask the seller for additional photos if you are unsure.

Do your research about the current market value of the plants. A quick google search or facebook search should give you an idea of the plant’s worth. The price of a plant will usually change based on its supply and demand. As a general rule, if you don’t like the price, it is not necessary to make negative comments. Just let it go. The market will reflect the price buyers are willing and sellers are selling for.

Take into account the weather conditions: Winter is cold, summer is hot, and certain plants are sensitive.

UpPlant is the best place to shop!

UpPlant best place to sell plants online makes it easy to browse, search and buy a wide range of plants from independent sellers. You can also add the product to your “Want List” or ask questions directly to the seller if you aren’t ready to purchase. You can view feedback from sellers and see where they are located. Verify that they are verified. UpPlant offers a secure checkout via Stripe, and a dedicated resolution center to resolve any issues that may occur.

UpPlant: Why should you sell?

UpPlant makes it easy for sellers to reach a wide range of plant lovers. UpPlant has affordable plans for everyone, no matter how big or small. Every plan comes with everything you need in order to sell online. If you have ever run an online shop before, the setup process should be easy. We offer detailed help articles as well as a helping hand.

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