Safeguard your Sprinkler System for the Winter

Winterizing your irrigation service is crucial for best maintaining your landscaping space and preventing costly equipment replacements. Protect your irrigation system from the big freeze by consulting an expert, certified sprinkler blowout service. Valuable equipment can be destroyed by easily preventable water damage from the sharp drop in temperature in winter.


Frozen water is the biggest threat to your irrigation system; it is vital to remove all water to protect the interior. This ‘sprinkler system blowout’ procedure must be carried out before the weather drops, usually around mid-September to mid-October, to best ensure your equipment is viable during the winter. Your irrigation system will be expertly winterized as the water is entirely removed, leaving the equipment dry and damage-free. This must be done before the temperature is cool enough to produce ice which becomes difficult to remove. Booking in advance as early as possible will enable you to take advantage of offers from local services, and benefit from added savings by averting costly repairs. Once valuable pieces such as the nozzle gets damaged, or frozen pipes burst, it can be expensive to replace.

Timing is Crucial

At the end of autumn, it can be nearly impossible to safeguard your irrigation system as existing frozen water in the lines can already begin to cause damage and crack the pipes. It is important not to underestimate the damage of ice to susceptible parts of the system. Since ice has a vastly larger volume than its liquid form of water at room temperature, when the ice melts, it expands within the lines which can cause fatal damage to the interior of the system. In this world of unpredictable weather conditions, you must not leave everything until the last moment to best protect your landscaping and reduce expenses too.

The Procedure

During the process of winterizing sprinklers, parts may need to be disconnected to make sure they are thoroughly going to be watertight and protected from future frozen water damage. Qualified technicians will allow the irrigation system to drain and dry out from the interior, avoiding future complications when the temperature rapidly falls. Valves will be shut off to protect from freezing, and any equipment such as pipes above the ground must be insulated to be sufficiently safeguarded.

Technicians will then blow compressed air through the system to ensure that all the water has been successfully removed.

By the end of the winter, an optional spring service is available to activate the irrigation system in a safe manner. A check will be carried out by industry specialists to guarantee the condition of the equipment, so that everything is all good to go during the coming season. Although not compulsory, this service is recommended as the best practice to prevent any additional damage.

Ready for the Big Freeze

Preparation is advantageous in the sense of easing future stresses and overall improving the warmth and homely feel to your landscape. For business spaces, winterizing your system ensures your outdoor space looks professional and inviting. To find out more information, consult an expert service to protect your irrigation system, and be prepared for the following year.

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