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HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners: What, Why and Which?

Vacuum cleaners are extremely valuable when it comes to cleaning houses and commercial buildings.  Most vacuums whether top rated vacuum cleaners or not, get rid of dust but they are not efficient in removing microscopic allergens and pollutants.  If there are allergy-prone people in the house, then one will surely require a HEPA vacuum cleaner for keeping ones house allergy-proof.

The main reasons many people prefer a cleaner with HEPA filter is that they are very efficient and it absorbs the dust particles up to 99.97%. This is the solution for those who are allergic because of the dust particles in the air and thus HEPA air cleaner is the most suitable choice for them. For a vacuum machine, the HEPA filter should be position is such a way that it can easily release the air which is free of allergy and other germs.

HEPA Filter – What Does it Mean?

HEPA stand for High Efficiency Particulate Air. According to vacuum cleaner ratings if a vacuum contains a HEPA filter, it means that the product can keep particles as tiny as 0.3 microns in size at a least efficiency level of 99.97%. 

Usually, the airborne particles are 2.4 microns in size but the standard vacuum cleaners retain particles that are about 30 to 50 microns.  The remaining particles get back to the air. Harmful air pollutants usually are 0.3 microns in mass.

The material which is used to make HEPA vacuum is the known material that is fiberglass. The whole packaging is made of such material that extracts the dirt and other particles from the surface and keeps them in the cleaner. These vacuums are so efficient that they can extract particles up to 0.3, which is really impressive.

HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners

While selecting a reliable vacuum model, choose one which has a HEPA filter, bag and other motor components totally sealed with rubber gaskets, to guarantee that there isn’t leakage of any dust back to the surroundings.  There are vacuum cleaners have disinfected dust bags with inbuilt flaps that automatically shut when one is replacing the bag to ensure that the dust doesn’t escape.

The HEPA filter on a vacuum is common but you have to change the filter every year to maintain the working condition of the vacuum. These filters are very helpful and they help you to maintain the cleanliness of your home. These filters work best on the carpet as well as on the floor of any surface.

Moreover, you can get reliable HEPA cleaner from online review sites and this would give you a good idea of purchasing a good model. It is right that purchasing vacuum cleaner is very tough decision and you have to take number of factors under consideration.

Which HEPA Vacuum Cleaner – Canister, Upright or Stick Model?

A lot of the canister vacuum uses the HEPA filtration system. This type of vacuum cleaner has a compact case that you roll along as you vacuum the carpet, floor, or furniture.  It comes with vacuum attachments and a long hose connected to the canister, allowing you to reach hard-to-get areas. 

Canister vacuum cleaners often have detachable rug beaters or power nozzles that are powered by their own separate electric motor. Even if a power nozzle breaks down the canister vacuum cleaner can still be used while the power nozzle is being repaired.

The upright HEPA vacuums has a single unit that usually comes with an attachment hose designed to clean hard to reach places. Upright vacuum cleaners are prone to leak dust particles into the surroundings and isn’t as competent as the canister vacuum cleaners.

Nowadays, some of the upright styles stick vacuums also using the HEPA filtration to capture the particles. The HEPA filter vacuums should be in such a way that no germs can be fall out of the vacuum when position themselves in the room.

Why HEPA Filter Vacuum?

  • Your house rooms size

When you plan to buy a reliable vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter the first point to consider is the size of the rooms where you want this machine to clean. If your house is small then use the vacuum which is smaller in size, and there are also large vacuums to cover the larger area of the house.

If you want to buy a cleaning machine than many vacuum reviews sites would help you to find the vacuum that you want. You should always go through the in-depth reviews and ratings available online. This guide would help you to find the vacuum that meets your demand and preference.

  • Good for people with allergies and asthma

HEPA vacuums are particularly great for the people who have allergy and asthma problem tied with dirt particles. You can get freshen and cleaner air if you use HEPA cleaner in your house. This is especially crucial for allergy and asthma sufferers.

There are number of brands that produce HEPA vacuum cleaner such as Panasonic, Dyson, Sebo, Miele, Electrolux, etc. All these brands produce this kind of vacuum because of the plus points and the effectiveness of this kind of cleaner.

  • Customers are confident

Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter has been tested and proven to be effective and hence customer will feels confident and satisfied whatever they are buying. The testing would help to evaluate that the desired vacuum is good for your floor or not.

The upright vacuum cleaner comparison compare HEPA and find it out that upright is most suitable if your budget is low and you want the vacuum whose suction is greater. Moreover these vacuums can easily extract the pet hair which is the main problem nowadays.


HEPA cleaners got popularity because of their exclusive property to remove the dust from the floor. Many vacuum cleaner review articles available online can prove to you that how competent these HEPA vacuums are and how effectively they extract the germs and avoid them been getting out the vacuum.

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