How to use a “Garden Incinerator”?

Introduction Garden Incinerator

Garden Incinerator are designed to burn allotment or garden waste quickly and efficiently at high temperatures. They are a very popular accessory at my local allotment.

Check the local regulations before you start to burn. You don’t want your neighbours to be disturbed or to emit air pollution.

It is important to remember that incinerators for gardens burn very hot. It is very, very hot. They can quickly burn through garden debris, even wet, once they get started. This saves you time and hassle of going to the tip.

Video Transcript

A garden incinerator is a great option if you have pruned your fruit trees and bushes.

Garden incinerators are so hot because of their high air flow. The incinerators have large holes in the bottom and side that allow for a fire to get very hot. The heat will dry the wet matter and then burn it once they are going.

Make sure you get all the nuts and bolts when buying a garden incinerator. These items can sometimes go missing in DIY shops, which can cause you to return to the shop to ask for them. Don’t forget to cover the incinerator with a lid!

This is what I do.

I wear thick gardening gloves and sturdy boots. My arms are always covered. This is to reduce the chance of getting burned.

The incinerator’s fire is extremely hot so the incinerator’s surfaces are also very hot. It is safe to touch when it is burning. To add more content, the lid is kept on at the end.

To avoid getting burned, I only add new material to the incinerator after the flames have stopped. It is useful to have a large poker handy in order to push the material into the incinerator. I also choose a poker that will not burn.

The location of the incinerator is something I carefully consider. The incinerator should not be placed below, around, or over anything that could catch fire. The incinerator is placed on paving slabs or bare soil. The Garden Incinerator must be level. I don’t want it to tip over. I ensure that there is nothing around the incinerator that could burn, even the pile of material I intend to burn. Checking upwards ensures that there are no branches or trees that could catch fire.

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