Emmetts Garden: Summer strolls

In the summer sun, the views from Emmetts Garden overlooking the Kent weald are spectacular. Enjoy the warmth by taking a stroll through the gardens or into the woods. Have some spare time? You can take your walk one step further and follow the trail to Chartwell or Toys Hill.

Dragonflies of Emmetts Garden

We’re certain you’ll find these gentle insects as well as their damselfly relatives if you take a walk down to the Ram Pump House and adjacent Pond.

Dragonflies are able to fly sideways or backwards with their shimmering bodies that shine in the sunlight. Dragonflies are able to spot prey easily and grab food on the move thanks to their powerful eyes that can see ultraviolet light.

Coppice Clearings

Keep an eye out for recent coppice clearings as you walk between Emmetts Garden & Chartwell.

The sun can penetrate the undergrowth without the protection of the trees. This encourages new wildflowers, shrubs, and other plants to grow. This is usually done in late winter, when the plants are dormant. To not disturb nesting birds, continue to check back to see how the undergrowth changes over the summer.

Coppicing is a traditional way to manage woodland. Although it may seem counterproductive, cutting down trees encourages new shoots from the stumps. This is a great way to quickly produce sustainable timber.

Autumn family visits to Emmetts Garden

Emmetts Garden offers a vibrant display of autumn colours. We also offer family-friendly facilities. For outdoor adventure and imaginative fun, don’t miss our wild play area or tepee.

Swings These swings are made for those with shorter legs. Look for the swings near the wild play area to see how high you can go.

Amazing fungi in Emmetts Garden & Toys Hill. Have you ever heard of the elfin saddle. There are many unusual caps, bizarre growths, and bizarre names in the mushroom kingdom. The autumn at Emmetts Garden, and the surrounding Toys Hill countryside, is a wonderful time to get lost in it. There are countless mushrooms popping up everywhere.

Wild play areaGet ready for some adventure in our wild play area, located just past the old stables café. Do you think you can balance on the balance beams and not fall off? You can challenge your friends to build the largest den. Play in the camp, climb on the stepping logs, and have fun!

50 Autumnal Things to Do at Emmetts Garden There are many woodland adventures waiting for you, including dens to build and bugs to meet.

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