You Must Have The Right “Electrician Tools”

You Must Have The Right Electrician Tools For Safety & Efficiency

A job in the electrical industry is only complete if it’s done correctly and safely. While being smart and educated can help you work safely and smart, it won’t give you any protection against live circuitry. Nor will these skills allow you to effectively handle materials and make connections. This is where electrician tools come in.

The right tools can make you more productive, faster, more comfortable, and less likely to make mistakes. They also help protect your eyes and face from potential danger sparks and sawfly offs. These tools can be considered small investments that protect your career and life.

  • These are our top picks of must-have tools for electricians:
  • Wire StripperWire Stripper

You don’t want to gamble with wire cutters and linesman’s pliers, which can potentially damage wires. Instead, use a gauged wire trimmer to strip them correctly the first time. The tool’s jaws have graduated holes that match the size of the wire being stripped.

Insulated Screwdrivers

A single insulated screwdriver can be fine, but a complete set will do the trick. It’ll guide you through everything, from mounting outlets boxes and light fixtures to wall plate removal and installation. Insulated screwdrivers provide extra protection in the event that your screwdriver accidentally contacts an energized component or circuit. Insulated screwdrivers have dielectric handles and a blade coating that can buffer your body from direct contact of up to 1000V. You might feel a bit, but you won’t get electrocuted.

Voltage Sniff It Voltage Sniffer

Even if the circuit has been shut off at the breaker box it is a good idea electrician tools still to check it before you start working on it. Although receptacle testers are useful, if the wires leading to it or the receptacle become damaged, they can give false negatives, even though there is still electricity. We recommend that you also carry a non-contact voltage tester. Voltage sniffers do not need to be in direct contact with wires or outlet prongs. However, they can detect the presence of live power and are very affordable and will fit into almost any bag.

Hole saw electrician tools kit Hole saw

While the drywall saw is great for cutting out cable pulls and outlet boxes, it’s not as good at making precise cuts on more complicated jobs such as recessed lighting or hanging light fixtures. A hole saw will allow you to quickly make clean, straight cuts. Hole saws are usually sold in sets that include circular blades of various sizes. They can be used as power drill accessories Electrician Tools, but also allow you to do precise work quickly.

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