Cut Off the Circuit’s Power

  1. The very first rung on the ladder into virtually any electric occupation is really always to cut capability for the circuit getting worked on. Proceed into a breaker box and then reverse the switch which controls the capacity to your room you’re employed in. Examine the circuit by means of a voltage tester to make sure that you don’t have yourself a jolt.
  1.     Remove the Old Light Switch

Begin by simply taking away the plate enclosing the mild button . After that, get rid of the screws which are mounting the light change into the box at the walls socket. Gently pull out the switch of this box and then disconnect wires from the older button.

  1.     Connect the New Dimmer Switch

Assess the cables that you just simply disconnected out of the older button. In the event the endings are flexed or twisted, then you have to take the endings and also then strip the ends of this cable to develop connections that are new. Join the earth cable in your wall into the bare aluminum wire about the newest dimmer button to the region which claims”floor.” Connect one additional cables in your wall by using their fitting colored wires onto the darker change. Some humanist switches are going to have easy slot machine to plug in into, even though some are going to ask that you twist the cables together and protect them using a cord nut. From that point, you’re able to add the new turn in to the wall socket and then replace the plate.

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