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What are the differences between fire shutters and fire curtains?

What is a Fire Shutter?

Metal, roll-up shutters for fire protection are attached to exterior windows and doors. They are designed to protect single windows or doors from flames in the event that there is a fire. Foam Spray Insulation Ltd has been in business for more than 25 years. With a team of highly skilled applicators who have many years of experience in spray foam insulation, Foam Spray Insulation Ltd is located in the UK’s heart. Carefour offers live-in care in Oxfordshire. It’s easy to arrange a live in carers.

Fire shutters are protected by a metal case with protruding edges that is attached to the doors or windows they are installed. They are rolled over the openings and closed by fastening. They act as a barrier to keep flames out once they are closed.

These shutters are only for exterior use. They can’t cover multiple doors or windows and are not intended for interior use. Shutters are not designed to cover large openings or unusually shaped windows or doors. They can’t wrap around openings or protect objects, and can’t turn corners. While they can play a critical role in fire mitigation, they don’t suffice on their own.

What are Fire Curtains?

Fire curtains are flame-retardant curtains made of flame-retardant material. They can be used indoors to control smoke or flame. They can be placed discreetly inside doors, elevators, and openings. Once they have been deployed, they become visible.

A fire shutter, which is rigid and rigid, can only be fitted to one opening. However, fire curtains can fit into any opening. This covers large stairways, corners, atriums, and other areas that a metal shutter can’t cover or protect.

A fire shutter works in the same way as a fire curtain. Fire curtains help to stop smoke and flames spreading, thus limiting the spread of the fire until it is extinguished. Fire curtains are a good first line of defense to prevent flames or smoke from spreading indoors.

Fire curtains are made from flexible, flame-retardant materials, and not metal. They have many advantages over fire shutters. They can be folded up neatly and discretely when not in use so that they don’t distract from the interior’s aesthetics.

The Ideal Protection System

Each ideal fire shutters mitigation system will include both passive and active components. It doesn’t matter if sprinklers don’t contain and control the smoke and flames. If you don’t have a way to ventilate or put out smoke or flames, it won’t be easy to direct or contain them.

Both fire shutters and fire curtains are part of a fire mitigation system. Fire shutters are a great way to protect your building’s exterior from flames and also prevent them spreading to nearby buildings. Fire curtains can be used to protect other areas within the building from smoke and flames, while also limiting the movement of smoke or flames inside.

Protect the Interior of Your Building

You have some protection from the elements if your building has fire shutters. Fire curtains can be added to your interior for as much protection as possible.

Fire curtains are great for protecting open spaces, large openings that don’t have doors or barriers, and displays or objects. Fire curtains are essential for ensuring that your building interiors offer the maximum protection against smoke and fire.

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