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Four of the Best Kamado Grills in 2022

Kamado grills have long been a topic of debate and pride for grilling enthusiasts. They are loved for their versatility. These egg-shaped grills are ideal for all types of grilling, including smoking, baking, and grilling. They have thick ceramic walls to insulate and tall dome-shaped lids that allow for airflow. The kamado-style grill was likely developed in China, and is now a common choice for American backyard grilling.

Classic II

Kamado Joe Classic II combines a strong, insulated shell that keeps heat and a variety of useful accessories. It is the most popular kamado grill. We loved the multilevel grate system of this popular model, which has a 406-inch cooking surface. It also features a lid that is easy to lift and doesn’t lock down for heat maintenance. It is easy to use for beginners, as it has clear markings.

This model also comes with accessories, such as folding shelves, a grate gripper and wheels for transport. These items can be purchased separately from other kamado barbecues. The ash drawer is easy to clean, which is crucial for good airflow and high temperatures when grilling. All this, combined with the Kamado Joe’s fire engine red design (for a kamado), will make you a backyard champ. The Classic III has a new airflow system. However, the Classic II is more affordable.

Akorn Kamado

The Char-Griller Akorn is an alternative to the traditional kamado. This grill costs only $330 and is three times as expensive as the most popular kamados. Acorns triple-walled stainless Steel build is lighter than ceramic, but Akorn reviews indicate that it can still maintain very high temperatures with ease. The steel is less likely to crack than ceramic and it is lighter than other grills.

Akorn owners have complained that the model doesn’t burn as long while smoking and that it can be difficult for new users to set up the grill. You won’t find a better kamado with its 302-square-inch cooking surface and basic accessories.

Large, Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg is an American grill maker that has a loyal following. These heavy ceramic domes can reach temperatures of over 1000 degrees F, making them great for grilling and pizza baking. The Big Green Egg performed well in maintaining temperature and was a joy to use. The basic 262-square-inch cooking surface of the Large grill is 262 square inches

The Big Green Egg is all you get when you purchase it. Side tables, additional cooking grates, wheels, or other accessories are not included in the Big Green Egg purchase. This add-on ecosystem is great for hobbyists but it also means that you get less from your base model purchase. It also makes the Big Green Egg more costly than other kamados with similar performance.

Extra large big green eggs

The Big Green Egg Extra Large is the right choice for you if you are a big fan of the Big Green Egg eco-system and love to grill in front of a crowd. The grill’s 452-inch cooking surface can be extended with accessories. It can hold 12 racks of ribs and 11 whole chickens. You can also fit 24 burgers and two holiday turkeys. There are no limits to your backyard barbecue.

The Extra Large, like other Big Green Egg models is great at keeping food moist while baking or smoking, and can withstand high and low temperatures. This grill has been praised by reviewers for its ease of use and low maintenance. You will need to buy accessories separately.