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5 Tips and Tricks to Renovating Your Kid’s Room

Renovating your child’s bedroom always presents a unique challenge. Whether you’re remodeling a football-obsessed 9-year-old’s room or an animal lover’s nook, the trick is to focus on flexibility. Children’s rooms should reflect their personalities and preferences. For a child’s room, ease of design modification is essential as interests tend to change and develop over the years.

So, before you start renovating your pride and joy’s room, take a look at some useful tips and tricks to help guide you in the right direction.

Cost Considerations

Before you start planning big, you should map out what you can afford. Make a list of non-negotiables, for example, engineered bamboo flooring and possible DIYs, like the decor. Note that additional costs might arise, so always leave a little money aside for such cases.

When it comes to the inside of the room, invest in the basics. Like a high-quality mattress, effective window treatment, bamboo flooring strand woven materials, solid furniture, etc.

If you decide on a contractor, make sure you notify them about your budget and how far you’re willing to go beyond it. It goes without saying that you should find a licensed contractor with previous renovation experience.

Walls and Doors

When it comes to the walls in your kid’s room, painting them is the way to go. Putting up wallpaper might not be the wisest decision as children tend to draw on walls, and changing your wallpaper is a tedious task. Painting the walls is easy and inexpensive, and you can even let your kid choose their favorite colors. If they decide to express themselves artistically on the walls, you can paint over their masterpiece when the time comes.

If you plan on replacing the room door, make sure you size up the project before committing. This can turn out to be a simple DIY project if you take all the right steps.


One of the most important things when it comes to flooring is cleanability. Children tend to get dirty, whether they’re playing inside or outside. So, you need flooring that will stand the test of time and prevent replacement costs, which are pretty high. You won’t go wrong with engineered bamboo floors as they’re easy to install and come with numerous advantages.

You can always add a carpet in the play area of the room, but the bamboo flooring strand woven will do its job of keeping the floor warm during chilly days.


You won’t find anything more important than storage when renovating a child’s room. Children tend to collect plenty of stuff — whether it’s toys, books, clothes, or something else, storage is vital. However, you should think of a way to implement storage options without overcrowding the room.

Opt for storage underneath the bed for linens, blankets, and similar items, while a dresser is an excellent option for storing clothes. Another great tip is installing wall shelves that will not only save you space but will hold plenty of books and other miscellaneous items.

When it comes to storing toys, we recommend less permanent solutions like boxes and baskets. Your kids will eventually grow out of certain toys, so you can simply donate them or store them in a garage to make more space in their room.


Once you’ve finished with the major renovation projects, it’s time for decorations. As we’ve mentioned, one of the crucial things is to personalize the room. Talk with your kid and ask them about potential ideas. Naturally, you don’t have to follow through with their idea of building a Batcave, but you can take inspiration from their suggestions.

Bear in mind that kids love nooks. So, why not opt for a few different little nooks on the engineered bamboo floors if space allows it? Opt for a playing nook with a little tent or a reading nook with children-sized chairs and tables. Areas created this way provide children with a sense of security and safety. You can create similar nooks for an older child with wood planks, twine, blankets, and similar material.

Another thing that can be switched and changed as they grow older is the artwork. You can display their current artwork in oversized frames and then swap it out when their interests change. Frames are inexpensive and can be easily made to match a child’s room or interests.

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